Bora Bora trip in February.

2022.01.17 03:26 northguy269 Bora Bora trip in February.

Planning a once in a lifetime trip to Bora Bora. Hope everything works out and the travel goes smoothly. If anyone has tips or advice please let me know.
We are traveling to LA for a day before we fly to Tahiti. Need to get a Covid test at the airport before we fly. Unless we can get it elsewhere cheaper.
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2022.01.17 03:26 DoctorAlgernopK My car key disappeared for 2 months and returned mysteriously and I don't know what to make of it.

Reposting this story because it’s been over 4 years since I last shared it. I’ve been binging this sub recently and thought I’d take a shot at getting some more opinions. Sorry for the length but I wanted to be as detailed as possible, bare with me because I feel like it’s worth it… hopefully 😅
Okay so this happened to me about 6 years ago ( 2 years at the time of writing this). It really freaked me out at the time and I couldn't wrap my head around it (and still can't) but after finding this sub I figured I'd share it with y'all and see if you can shed some insight.
I want to preface the story that this happened right around New Years a couple of years back. At the time a large group of some old friends had taken a road trip together from the east coast to visit myself and some other friends in Colorado. There were about 14 of them that all caravanned out to stay for a week and to celebrate new years in Denver.
A couple days in everyone decided to all go get food and drinks from this place in Denver so I took the 40 minute drive from where I live to meet up with them.
I drove up to the restaurant and parked my car outside on the side of the street. Everyone was already inside. I turned my car off and got out only to realize i didn't have my wallet. I unlocked and opened the car back up and grabbed my wallet off the passenger seat, then closed the drivers door once again (this is where things get weird).
This time, when i reach for my key to lock the RE-lock the car, it wasn't in my pocket, where I could have sworn had just placed it. I started to check around my other pockets but it was nowhere to be found. I checked the drivers seat, passenger seat, and even the back seat. Nothing.
Then i thought to myself: “what if it fell on the ground when I got out of the car? Maybe it was on my lap?”
I look on the ground to find a big, dirty, slushy puddle of water from snow melt that my car is parked in. At this point I decide to get an empty 24oz coffee cup out of the backseat and start sifting through the water to try and see if it fell in. After about 20-30 min of sifting through this disgusting water I give up and go inside to meet my pals. By this time I'm like 45 min late to meet them because I've spent the whole time outside, looking for my key.
I tell them the situation and we all agree that its definitely somewhere in my car and to not worry about it too much. We all get some food for about another 45 min and then decide to split.
We leave and about 10 of them (not exaggerating here) came outside to my car to help me look inside and around my car. We all searched high and low, tearing my car apart, looking for that key but still nothing! After a god 30 minutes we call it off and someone gave my a lift back to my house (I had to call a tow truck to bring my car home because that was my only key).
The next day I had a locksmith come to my house and make me two new keys (just plain metal, non electronic ones - no fob.) I used one and kept the other in my house.
Fast forward about two months down the line. My friend and I are at my house and decide to go somewhere (i can't remember where) and hop in my car. He jumps in the passenger seat and I in the divers.
While I'm getting my things in order I see him reach under his butt and proceeds pull something out from under him that he is sitting on.
Low and behold he pulls out the electronic key that disappeared 2 months earlier! JUST RIGHT OFF THE PASSENGER SEAT. (It's important to note this is not a friend who I had been with at all during the time of losing the key. In fact he wasn’t even in the state that week and I'm pretty sure he knew nothing about my losing it in the first place.)
For the life of me i cannot understand how it got there. I know it wasn't there earlier that day or even that month! I would have seen it either cleaning out my car or one of my 10 friends who had helped me search would have seen it just sitting there. The crazy thing is a bunch of other people have ridden in my car post-losing the key and pre-friend sitting on it. Nobody else had ever noticed anything was there or under their ass lol.
I don't get what happened but I know that dang key wasn't just sitting on that seat for 2 months. I'm positive of it. I was dumbfounded at the time and i honestly 6 years later, still am.
I’ve since reconciled the fact sometimes we experience GitM and it’s often best to not overthink it. Otherwise I’ll just drive myself insane.
I’m curious to hear what y’all’s opinions are or similar experiences have been?
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2022.01.17 03:26 ElderCunningham New rule: No low effort posts.

All posts that are just a picture of something that's just a reference to the show. This includes pictures of a real world item or sign that American Dad has referenced or quoted over the years. For example, a jar of Pecan Sandies, a sign that says, "Lavate las Manos," a box of Borax powder, and the like.
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2022.01.17 03:26 BallzDeep_Anxiety I’m in this pic and I don’t like it

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2022.01.17 03:26 zlaxy BBC: The US might have been making a fake UFO conspiracy

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2022.01.17 03:26 Fl0rianx15 Add Me and be online 2973 4761 5543

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2022.01.17 03:26 Gingergerbals Need help with GoMule + Simple Loot Filter (shared stash error)

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2022.01.17 03:26 BethanyGC-Arts This Fnaf adopt is now $50 usd (open to offers) art by me

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2022.01.17 03:26 Lava_girllll Anyone else get super nauseas before their period?!

I’m genuinely grateful when I finally start my period bc personally I handle pain and cramps much better than I do with nausea. I’m always nauseas and fatigued for a whole week before my period and it causes me to miss school and eat little. Once I start my period, it goes away. My period is pretty normal it’s just the premenstrual that is terrible for me and I don’t hear many women complain of this symptom.
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2022.01.17 03:26 Kristal_plays_ROBLOX To the ones who own headless, deathspeaker or any other expensive item...

Share us your story as of how you got it
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2022.01.17 03:26 dazey_69daisy From the top of Garnett rd in Bleuet BC painted by Shaylene Blouin 2021

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2022.01.17 03:26 Prabeen1 Arduino Mini CNC Writer

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2022.01.17 03:26 ch4ndl3r_p0e how do you start making money as a musician?

i honestly don’t care about being rich or famous, my only goal with music is to be financially stable & i was hoping i’d be able to get some tips here on how to start making progress towards that. any and all help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance to anyone who gives any.
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2022.01.17 03:26 Gflip25 Full metal Alchemist 2004??

Does anyone know where to watch FMA 2004 I tried looking and it’s gone from literally every streaming platform and if anyone knows why that would be great as well.
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2022.01.17 03:26 Overall-Ad-5417 I give you the next lolcow; enjoy.

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2022.01.17 03:26 Negative-Simple I found a whole box of crystals grown in Lab (in Poland). Not sure if you guys want to see more. This is a Chrome Alum Crystal.

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2022.01.17 03:26 space-c0yote Looking to the Future

With NSW, VIC, and TAS all seemingly past their peaks of this wave and the other states/territories fast approaching theirs, I feel it's time for some introspection and to reflect on what we've learned.
Every significant wave of this disease that the country has faced has been met with immense criticism towards both state and federal governments. If the criticism wasn't about closing the borders it was about using private security in hotel quarantine. If it wasn't about purpose-built quarantine facilities, it was about vaccine procurement. Each wave has sparked significant controversy towards government responses and how they ignored things that should have been 'common sense'. Yet, I have been following the public discourse on the situation fairly consistently, and nary a soul has talked about these 'common sense' measures until the lack of them is being blamed as the reason for the current wave.
This is not to say that the lack of these measures isn't a contributing factor (perhaps even a primary cause) towards the wave at hand. In many cases the criticism has merit. However, this valid criticism is always coloured by 20/20 hindsight. I'm all for criticising the government, but it feels weird to criticise them for ineptitude and lack of foresight when I myself was unable to foresee those circumstances. If we are to be angriest at the government(s) in the midst of a crisis, then that's a flaw on our part. We should be angriest at the government(s) when they are lacking in action preceding a crisis. Why weren't we angry at the government for not ordering the RATs the moment they were developed? Why are we only angry about the lack of supply now? If a government is going to completely bungle their management of a situation, I don't want my response to be "you should've known", I want it to be "we've been telling you this for months".
This brings me to the point of this post. Covid is most likely sticking around, and there is a pretty strong possibility that we'll experience another wave of infections like this one. How should we prepare for this? What should our federal/state/local governments be doing right now to prepare for this?
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2022.01.17 03:26 seattle99876 22 M4A eastside

Let’s enjoy this long weekend!
I’m Looking forward to vibe with someone tonight on the eastside.
22, 5’9”, vaxxed
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2022.01.17 03:26 thatsmyquex1 [H] 100$ E-gift card vons grocery [W] 60$ Cashapp

Available until i update flair stating it's closed Have 100$ vons grocery E gift card
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2022.01.17 03:26 harlowlolol Trading RHD For a 20 Dollar Roblox GC

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2022.01.17 03:26 Firm-Buyer6636 3 months hinge data

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2022.01.17 03:26 TaigeiKanmusu SHINY!!

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2022.01.17 03:26 lightroomcc How To Stake (Earn) USDC Stablecoin For 10% APY

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2022.01.17 03:26 idkwhatnz After nearly a decade I'm going to tell my wife about my addiction. Any advice on how to support her through this?

I'm terrified but I need to tell my wife I have a secret porn addiction. Mentally I'm close to rock bottom... I'm booked in with a psychotherapist later this week to talk about my problems and my depression and I'm so fucking desperate to get better. Most of all I'm terrified of the trauma it's going to cause her. Has anyone been through this who can offer some advice or tips on how to best support her?
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2022.01.17 03:26 Traditional_Page_117 Corinna Kopf - Best Video S.e.x !!!

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