que se viene

2022.01.17 04:38 Mammoth_Perception que se viene

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2022.01.17 04:38 melikdavid According to the agreement reached during President Armen Sargsyan's visit to the UAE, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will launch flights to Yerevan

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2022.01.17 04:38 Himbeerquarktasche_ Ahh germans

Ok so I'm not gay but I'm Swedish and have a fantasy where Germany win world war two and Sweden needs to export aryan twink boipussy slaves to high ranking SS officers for pleasure. I imagine I'm a shy little blonde twink with smooth pale skin and being brought into komedant heinrichs bedroom to give him pleasure. He is a tall broad shoulders kraut with a jawline that could cut a diamond and with massive daddy muscles and I'm a pathetic skinny little boipussy twink. He pulls me into his arms force kissing me and pressing my chest against his. He pins me down on the bed tearing my cute lil virgin panties off, he has waited for this for a long time. He teases my boipussy with his massive thicc German cock and then he goes all in. Fucking me with a force I've never felt before. Every thrust makes him moan with pleasure. I love the fact I give him pleasure. He cums deep into my sissy swede guts, breeding my booty hole then he cuddles me with his strong masculine German arms until I fall asleep on his chest.
Any other straight guys have similar fantasies?
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2022.01.17 04:38 This_Is_The_End Why the Kazakhstan intervention benefits China as well as Russia

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2022.01.17 04:38 Alienosaur When is Brave Playlist coming to PC, Mac and Android?

It's an amazing feature and it would be awesome if we could have it on other devices too!
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2022.01.17 04:38 Constant-Reasonable full support

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2022.01.17 04:38 iamcalifw 🚀Sensei Shib - $SENSHIB Ownership Renounced💎 | Utility Ready | Director Doxxed | Low Starting MC 📈 | KYC & Audit Done 🔒| Next 1000x Community Gem 💎 | Bow down to DeFi’s New Ecosystem 🥋|

Sensei Shib a unique and wise master token with powerful utilities!
It is written in the universe that Sensei Shib will appear first on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BNB) via PinkSale, this is where Sensei Shib will follow his destiny, establish his presence and gain his initial following!
Sensei will move like water onto Fantom Opera (FTM) & Ethereum Network (ETH). His inclusion and diversification using multiple networks gives holders the power to choose how they enact their trades, but also readies his goal and his way to creating Sensei-Swap & Ecosystem🔥
🌐 Telegram - https://t.me/senseishibdefi
🌐 Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xeaDA3541013FeA97981044B15AfC86674D6Ada53
🌐 Contract : 0xeaDA3541013FeA97981044B15AfC86674D6Ada53
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2022.01.17 04:38 Smart_Hedgehog_9438 Headaches?

Hi! I am 18 yo and I was born with microtia & atresia so i have SSD and have never had any type of hearing aid before my cochlear surgery in February of last year (my CI was activated in April). I was just wondering if anyone else has/had a problem with frequent headaches? I feel like i have this perpetual headache, especially when i have been wearing my sound processor for a while in a day , or have been in loud places and my research on the issue has had very conflicting results, with some sources saying CI have nothing to do with headaches, and some saying they can lead to more prevalent issues with headaches. So does anyone experience this issue as well? or am I barking up the wrong tree when it comes to finding a source/solution?
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2022.01.17 04:38 veteranlk CoinEx listing done ✅

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2022.01.17 04:38 FunnyGuy9796 User Interface Survey

I am creating a Linux distro for mobile phones and was wondering what features one might be looking for in a smart phone that I could implement. Obviously a phone must include a way to talk and text as well as basic apps. I am looking for suggestions on something that could potentially set this distro apart from others. I am open to literally anything.
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2022.01.17 04:38 DeepFriedPlastic [WTB] Sig MCX Virtus Recoil and Bolt Assembly (CA)

As title says, looking for a conplete recoil and bolt assembly for my new Virtus hybrid. Willing to pay up $500 depending on condition of items. Also willing to purchase individual assembly parts.
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2022.01.17 04:38 SezWot Ok

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2022.01.17 04:38 twigs669 I don't do practice but I want to give it a go - can I screw up that bad?

I have done tax law my whole career at large accounting firms. So I can spend 20 hours reading and analyzing the US-Switzerland tax treaty and various case law on tax homes and perfect my written argument for an irs appeal and love every minute (don't judge me...) but that's it - I don't know how to do any sort of motion practice or pleading, it gives me anxiety, and my peers are all cpas.
Anyway, my condo association has finally went too far with me when they sent me an attorney letter demanding i evict my tenant/injunctive relief, I spent like 40 hours reading up on everything and I am no expert or anything on real estate/condo law but I tend to keep up on it bc it's my side business.
But the paralegal who sent me the letter literally argued one of my "violations" was in an of itself a violation of the fair housing act ( the condo docs are from the 1970s and although I found an old email from her boss when I was on the board saying how this provision is not legal anymore the assn and the para Forgot) and atty clearly didn't read the letter she sent me threatening injunction, that is just one example of how poor the arguments are, I actually have very good affirmative defense arguments against the board as the aggrieved party .
I know this sounds cocky coming from someone who doesn't litigate but I'm kind of shocked actually an attorney would send me this but others told me most condo owners (not rich people condo) get scared and comply and condo attorneys just send threatening letters at direction of biased power hungry (sometimes discriminatory) board members when asked and have no intention of going to court with their awful arguments...just making the billables....
I want to give it a go and play lawyer as I'm mad and I feel passionately. My tenant is all for it, I guess I want to send a preservation letter next back to paralegal (they never believed me when I said don't conduct board business with your Gmail...I think they just expect me to evict my tenant and not fight? Maybe they don't know I am an attorney ) but I realize I have no idea how to do anything in the real world or if all my legal analysis is too idealistic, can I fuck up that badly?? Like can it hurt to go give it a go (I can't get disbarred lol) can I get like a huge rule 37, 100k in plaintiff legal fees if I ask for discovery, etc ? I don't care if it looks like I don't know how to litigate, I am older and not really ashamed, but do you think if I try it will be ok? I need pep talk
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2022.01.17 04:38 Alizxr951 When you’re prideful and want people to praise you, ironically, less people do so. When you’re Humble and want no praise or at least not to a large multitude. People will praise you more

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2022.01.17 04:38 Citizen_of_Neverland Where is ceramic + 25 slots deal?

I was saving gold specifically to buy 3 of those this month, but they are still not around. I'm in desperate need for slots, garage is full. But I don't want to spend saved gold for "normal" slots without the deal.
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2022.01.17 04:38 chrisor97 [Nintendo Switch] WarioWare: Get It Together! - Nintendo Switch - Get It Together! Edition is $44.56

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2022.01.17 04:38 cutiepiedaily s

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2022.01.17 04:38 RoseBud914 FNAF THEORY QUESTIONS!

Ive been rewatching lore to try and put my mind into security breach and recap some popular theories floating around right now. One theory being that Micheal is linked to Glamrock Freddy by possession to help his brother.. I just had a question about something my mind jumped to and want to hear other peoples opinions!

 Freddy shares a voice line when going down to the old pizzeria under security breach. Matt patt mentions in a video that it may be Michael mentioning his connection to the animatronics. I cant be the only one who heard that voice line though and with the apparent lacking of golden Freddy… assumed somehow Evan is tied to Glamrock Freddy. Even the line “I am not me” brought back vague flashbacks of the classic “Its me” lines! Im not positive we have confirmation of remnants of Cassidy in SB, but Evan to my understanding was the last soul to stay in the suit to torment his father in purgatory. So Id assume he would be the only one to come back. Just something I had a quick thought on and want more opinions on!! 
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2022.01.17 04:38 JaggedJaded Live recreation

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2022.01.17 04:38 16drybones The Celtics should try and get Jalen Brunson

The Celtics should try and get Jalen Brunson I think he could be a great floor general for us, and he's still good on defense. Obviously he wouldn't be all that easy to get, but given he's on the last year of his contract it shouldn't be impossible as apparently some fans think he might leave anyway. If we could do something like the trade in the picture
And we give a pick around 15-20 to the pacers I would be happy (meaning maybe including another team who will likely pick in the 15-20 range and switching picks with them). I'm not sure how the other two teams would feel though.
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2022.01.17 04:38 Fazimaad Sickness due to neighbor harassment for 2 and a half years

Hello all, I hope everyone is feeling alright tonight. I am coming to vent about an issue where I found out my neighbor had been harassing us the entire time and that we weren't sick.
So I moved to Colorado with my girlfriend in mid summer 2019 and we had just started dating so everything was lovey dovey hearts and all. I just started a job and we didn't have a place to live moving here (I got my foot in the door and was asked if I could start 4 days from that day, so I just up and moved into a temporary hotel living for 2 months).
I was still trying to land a lease somewhere so that I could commute to work via rail. We took a lease from someone and moved in late 2019. Suddenly I started to feel sick a few weeks into us moving in and as usual assumed something like food poisoning got me sick. My abdomen kept hurting and hurting so I was in a bad mood quite a bit of the time.
As early 2020 came in, as we all know Covid started to spread and we were sent home to work for safety yadda yadda. Suddenly I started feeling anxious all of the time, I was annoyed at every single inconvenience I ran into. My girlfriend and I started to get distant and we weren't talking to each other much anymore
First there was a bit of a kink where i was working 12 hours a day almost everyday of the week. I thought my body was not doing well because of the stress, and I was stress eating junk food. I was suddenly having what I now know is a digestive issue, and sought treatment.
I got sick further, I changed all of my diets. BRAT, gluten free, thought I developed an allergy to peanuts and I got to a point where my stomach would hurt so bad that I couldn't eat half the days of the week.
The weird thing I never caught on to is I would have to urgently go to the bathroom at around 6am every single day.. like blow up the toilet bad and it was starting to drain me. I thought it was alcohol, so I completely stopped. Then cigarettes, quit and went to vaping. Then I thought maybe it's my psychological state of mind, so I sought help via a therapist and psychiatrist. I was put on an anxiety med and started to get things done at work, was trying to have fun with my girlfriend but we didn't realize at the time she was being harassed by them too.
Eventually I was sitting at my desk one morning getting in to work and I started to pass out, I couldn't think well and couldn't stop clutching my stomach. My girlfriend finally said we are going to the hospital, and took me to the ER.
They ran tests and checked everything, I had almost died of dehydration. They put me on fluids, checked a few things and got me starting to feel a bit better. I then had a ct scan done. Suddenly they discovered a tumor in kidney pole and thought it was strange how it was presented which didn't make me feel too great. The doctor that was helping me whispered as she was quickly leaving when sending me home "get *** surgery asap doesn't look good". I was ambulatory referred etc. Had surgery "didn't find anything looks just as expected".
I was jumping with joy, man I thought i developed all of these allergies or that my digestive system was slowly not working anymore. I could eat again!!
.. Not. A few days after having the surgery the pain came back worse than ever. I was back in the bathroom 24/7 and couldn't even work most of the day, which stressed me out more.
I had so much pain that I ended up back in the hospital this time the urgent care because I was just cleared. I thought man this is covid, this is what it has to be.. no covid. Nothing, looked fine "skin warm to the touch" but nothing abnormal. Tests came back with basically just healthy numbers so I started to feel like a fool. Dr. thought I needed another check just to be safe because of how desparate i was at my health , so I had the surgery again.
Nope, nothing.
I just sat at home, day after day dealing with the pain, trying to maintain 2 liters of water a day. Eating only what is healthy and easy for my digestive system. Losing my mind, went finally to a psychologist. I thought man this has to be all in my head or something, maybe schizophrenia / dementia..
Went through 8 months of rigorous treatment, and nope just a dude with an anxiety disorder.
Well one day not long ago I had just been cleared I was so happy and not in my head anymore. Things looked up from there, and one night right after my 3rd surgery (yes they checked 3 times.. that's how bad this felt), we went to watch a movie and I would hurt so much I wouldn't move from my desk so this was a big deal. Well we got a little bit into it maybe 15 minutes, and we hear someone beat on our door, then run down to the tenant below me and bang on their door frantically as if it was a helpless plea to stop something. Well right after that, 30 seconds or so later we hear someone walking on our roof pretty hard. The thing is, there is only the attic space then the roof so that was a huge what in the holy F***.
We reported it because we had no idea what unit the guy had come from, and well with covid we were inside for so long that it became the norm, so I didn't even know who my new neighbors were that moved in the summer of 2021.
This happened again and we saw them but couldn't catch where they went after dropping out of the attic. Again it was reported then out of nowhere, one day this really high pitched noise starts I mean, really high frequency. We got ear plugs, then our floors started vibrating more than ever.
We started to feel something like an energy starting at our feet and going up to our heads. If we didn't move it would start to make us confused and shut down, unable to process the next task we were doing. If we moved to another spot, we would have a brief moment of relief before our bodies started vibrating again, and my right side was pulling into my ribs, right shoulder starting popping all of the time. My neck was always super tight on the right side.
We again reported it because it was driving us insane and we were both unable to sleep for what felt like weeks.
Thing is, building management finally responded. (They really just put gas on the fire for the whole issue and never really tried to help at all). They came in and checked, said we don't know what you're talking about and they left. It was a two minute altercation so I just got made to look like I was crazy. I kept thinking how could this be happening between two people and both of us experience the same episode at the same moment.
I bought cameras to record, suddenly they were interfering with my cameras and the wireless ones would disconnect all of the time and get hot.. professional security cameras and loved them at first. After a couple of days started to get a ton of interference via the quality of video and the mic would have what sounds like an old popcorn bag being balled up over and over again. You can't hear hardly at all, just sounds like garble.
Finally management bolts the attic shut. Yay, for about 3 days! They started climbing into the ELEVATOR SHAFT ROOF AFTER CALLING IT TO THEIR FLOOR.
I was unsure at first as it seemed a bit far fetched someone would go into the attic using the elevator. Then we caught them by listening in to the part of our unit that touches the elevator. You could hear the roof of the elevator being moved and at least two people climbing up. Then following creaks so loud across our ceiling it was almost mind blowing at how purposeful it was.
This would keep happening, and they would keep up following us around our apartment at all hours of the day and night. Standing over me while I work, purposefully trying to make my roof creak because I was ignoring them. Pointing whatever device at us and making us feel really bad muscle tension. I eventually hit a moment where I had to call and ambulance. They said they didn't find anything, so again somehow both of us were the crazy ones in the same episode with the same experiences. The firemen that came up went down with me. I explained in a monotone voice the jist of what was going on. They seemed to care but were completely baffled at what could be causing us to feel like this.
We go to the ambulance for a Check, and they talk to us.
I explained how I just moved here, started a job, got a place, and got sick, had 3 surgeries, quit smoking/drinking and caffeine. 2 liters of water a day, keeping eyes on mental health and stress. Eating only what is good for me. Trying to keep myself moving.
It got more intense as time went on, and one day we get a "surprise" unit check. Come to find out right under where I had been sitting everyday working and feeling sick, the tenant below me was reported to have taken out his ceiling.
This is no joke, really. His ceiling in his bedroom was removed, up into the foundation of my apartment. Mattresses blocking his kitchen and bedroom where he reportedly told maintenance "I don't use those rooms".
Finally, I thought I was getting someone to see what was going on and that whatever is happening isn't just some episode. They ended up not doing anything because "maybe it was a squirrel in his ceiling". I had been complaining about feeling vibrations through my floor, right where I sit and his ceiling is completely removed right underneath..
So this time, I'm gonna catch them I'm gonna catch them in the elevator, attic.. I'm gonna catch them slipping.. No instead, they know every time I go to my door. Every time I even get up to go to my door. I even tried with my girlfriend sneaking home, and she caught them on audio very obviously climbing down the elevator shaft! When we tried to do it again, they had someone outside that ran in so when she got in the building to record, nothing was happening.
So we are assuming we are being monitored, in real time by the people below us. I sometimes just fuck with them on what I am doing or move my workstation to an alternate place in the unit. They will follow along and devices will eventually start affecting us shortly after.
I wish so hard that I was just crazy. That we were just crazy. I even went back to my doctor because we were both dropping weight significantly at one point to ask why this is happening. I dropped 15 lbs and she dropped 20 in the span of 3 weeks when the harassment really started to kick up and our floors were vibrating. My pets were 3 times as hungry and were always, ALWAYS inflamed the same areas (shoulder to ribs). So much so that i would start lightly massaging my papillons shoulder and she would either get the zooms, or just pass out limped just because I rubbed her shoulder. The same way I rub that same shoulder for my girlfriend and she passes out.
I tried blocking the harassment in various ways while living in this, because I can't afford to pay for an apartment and a hotel room. What seemed to work best oddly was a rubber yoga mat. Then it hit me, they are running some current of something through our floor. They would in combination make steam come through our carpets and our hands/feet would get clamy and sweaty. When they would use steam, the tingling would start to feel like sharp pins and needles and my muscles would spasm throughout my body. This would be so bad that at times I had to take off work just to keep my sanity and try to mitigate the problem.
We finally convinced a corporate person to break our lease as soon as possible, and thankfully we are getting out of this soon. I just had to vent because I turned my entire life around for the better, but had 3 surgeries because of my neighbors use of equipment that would at times make the bathroom look like a bloody horror movie.
TLDR; Man has 3 surgeries then, turns life around due to unknown illness. Turns out neighbor is harassing for 2 years on and off using some sort of equipment carrying a current to our body that is mitigated by a rubber mat, shoes and thick clothing.
I tried to knock, I tried to talk, I tried management, I tried the police. I tried a lawyer and sent a letter to demand they stop the harassment. It's hard to get proof. My downstairs neighbor has since been noted stalking us in his truck to at least two locations, but again hard to obtain proof..
We think they even put something on our car because the second time I was going to record it and when I mentioned out loud I was gonna catch them, they erratically pulled off the highway on an exit about 3 lanes over (I always drive the fast lane).
Last time maintenance was here, they were high on some kind of uppers and couldn't stop jittering, so I gave up and concluded after finding an eightball on the ground that we believe there is some sort of operation going on here, and we are somehow a nuisance so they are pushing us out.
Thank you all to those who make it through this mess of a vent. I'm on the verge of making irrational decisions like trying to fight back.. we leave in less than two weeks and they are turning up their harassment devices to the highest points we have felt since it started.
PS: When I was in the ambulance, they checked something with my electrolytes in my heart, and said it was really high then recommended I go to the hospital, or leave my apartment. We were able to get away for a couple of days and slowly started to feel tired and achy instead of tense and rigid. I still am stuck here, trying to work and live in this. They are in the attic right now, watching me type this because we can hear them walking on the ceiling. If we pull any device out to record, it's like they were never there. If it's currently recording like a hardwired cam, they somehow mess with the mic to make everything incomprehensible and the video will start to skip frames.
I have a full one drive of video recordings (1TB). I just don't know what to do to make myself feel safe again.
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2022.01.17 04:38 Ghost-Prime I completed the Gundam Base Limited Freedom 2.0!

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2022.01.17 04:38 sometricksupmysleeve Ironic he’s called hero

Cause the people that play them are a bunch of fucking cowards and lames. Fucking hate this character
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2022.01.17 04:38 Illustrious_Put_942 [kik Jackpoly5697] Hey can someone tribute my chubby latina friend while I feed pix of her

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2022.01.17 04:37 Gabyto Salí 3 meses con alguien y no lo puedo superar. Ni relaciones de años que tuve me dolieron tanto, soy al único que le pasó?

Hola rediturros, Sé que muchos de uds ya tienen ciertos años en el dni (yo tengo 33) y deben tener experiencia en el tema.
Cuestión que conocí a alguien por linkedin (si, por linkedin). Hablamos mucho de temas profesionales y un día decidimos conocernos. Fue magia al instante y desde que nos vimos estuvimos juntos 3 meses. Ella es un poco más grande que yo y venía de pasar momentos personales super complicados (separación de una relación de 10 años, muertes de familiares, pandemia, etc).
Desde un principio me dejó claro que estaba medio "rayada" y que sentimentalmente se sentía casi muerta, y que no lograba encontrar felicidad en nada ni conectar con nadie. Lo que me hacía enganchar más ya que nos tirabamos flores todo el tiempo de lo increíble que era habernos encontrado y lo bien que estábamos juntos..
De un día para el otro me dice que se va del país y que tiene que hacerlo sola, lo hablamos varios días seguidos y su conclusión era que no puede darme nada de lo que necesito ya que no está lista para tener una relación.
Sólo estuvimos 3 meses pero por algún motivo no la puedo superar (ya pasaron 2 semanas). Estaba (y estoy) muy enamorado de ella, no paro de pensar en la flaca, no puedo dormir y no estoy pudiendo comer ni cocinar nada. Ni que hablar que en el laburo soy un zombie y no puedo hacer ni las cosas más básicas, desde que llego a la oficina quiero salir corriendo e ir a su casa a abrazarla (vive cerca de mi laburo).
Estábamos juntos muchos días de la semana y siempre los findes, la pasábamos increíble y todavía no puedo creer nada de esto. Pero lo hablamos y dejamos en claro la posición de cada uno, ella no siente que pueda darme nada así que mejor terminar ahora para no sufrir después, yo le dije que no quiero dejar de estar con ella y que no puedo darle una amistad. Así que le pedí que no hablemos más desde hace dos semanas y si bien me dijo que no "me quiere perder en su vida" tampoco se mueve de su posición. Irse para ella ya es casi obligatorio por que supone que es la única forma que tiene de buscar esa felicidad que dice haber perdido y que no encuentra.
Alguien me puede explicar qué hago para pasar esto mejor? Tuve que retomar terapia por que estoy todo el día llorando de forma random (por que algo me hizo acordar a ella o sentí un olor que me hizo acordar a sus cremas /perfumitos). Le quiero hablar, en mi cabeza siento que puedo convencerla de que esto es un error, pero sé que si me hizo todos estos planteos es por que ya lo tenia pensado y decidido.
Ayuda :(
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